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Coming Soon and Recent Updates

Recently Added: DATA SHARING AND OPEN SPOT REPORTING! If you see open parking spots, you can report them to other drivers.  Because even with Meter Beaters, finding free parking can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to search first.  We’re hopeful our community of drivers will share information for real-time parking availability.   Recent Updates:  In early October,…

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Chicago Street Cleaning Notifications

Meter Beaters now provides street cleaning notifications! Simply enter the street address when you car is parked and Meter Beaters will alert you the night before and morning of street cleaning in your area.  

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United Center Parking Updates

We’ve integrated United Center events and related parking restrictions into the newest version of our App!  Check for free street parking before paying but make sure you feel safe and comfortable with where you’ve parked your car – this goes for anywhere in the city.  You have a better chance…

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About Us

It’s our goal to be your one stop for all parking in Chicago and beyond.  We are adding additional street parking data for Chicago, implementing Soldier Field parking restrictions, and looking at other cities. As always, what’s important to you is important to us, so let us know what we…

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